Dairy Farming

Chaff Cutter without Motor CH-120



Balwaan Krishi



Blade Count


Blade Thickness

10 mm

Blades are Resharpable


Fodder Cutting Capacity

up to 1,000 Kg/hour

Used For 

Cutting both Dry & Wet Fodder

Compatible For

Any Crop Types

Introducing the CH-120 Chaff Cutter with Motor – a powerhouse in fodder cutting designed for efficiency and durability. Trusted brand in agricultural equipment, this model boasts a robust build and cutting-edge features. Moreover it is equipped with 2 resharpen-able blades, each 10mm thick, the CH-120 ensures precise and swift cutting for both dry and wet fodder, making it a versatile companion for farmers. With a staggering cutting capacity of up to 1,000 Kg/hour, this chaff cutter is a time-saving marvel for agricultural operations. Compatible with any crop type, this machine is a must-have for farms of all varieties. The warranty covers essential components like wheels, pulleys, and gear (except frame), providing you peace of mind regarding long-term performance. Weighing 60 Kg (without motor), the CH-120 is designed for easy manoeuvrability. For optimal performance, pair it with a Crompton motor (1.5 or 2 HP) featuring copper binding, ensuring durability and efficiency. With a compatible single-phase motor at 1440 RPM, this chaff cutter stands out for its reliability and power.

Really Chaff Cutter With Motor




Motor Power

3 HP single phase

Motor speed

2800 R/minute

Shaft diameter

24 mm

Pulley diameter

80 mm

Cutting capacity

400-1200 kg/hour

No. of blade 

4 pcs

After cutting size

10-35 mm

This aids the animal's digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food. Chaff cutters have evolved from the basic machines into commercial standard machines that can be driven at various speeds and can achieve various lengths of cuts of chaff with respect to animal preference type.